As well as our academic work at the Simplicity Institute,
we’ve also been helping develop a ‘simpler way’ demonstration site on a
property out near Moe, Victoria, (Australia) which in time we hope will
become an education centre and perhaps even a small ecovillage of sorts. In
recent months we’ve built an Earthship and a Mud Cabin on the property, and
we’re writing today to announce the launch of our latest workshop. This coming
spring (from October 11 – October 17) we are going to run a workshop to build
an Earthbag Superadobe Dome. The workshop is being facilitated by Hayden from

I can say from experience that the first two workshops were
truly life changing experiences, where an amazing group of people came together
to build something beautiful. If you are interested and able to attend this
Earthbag building workshop, you can find more information and application forms

best wishes,

Samuel Alexander

Co-Director of the Simplicity Institute


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