How to stop an ant invasion naturally

How to stop an ant invasion naturally
Pesticides not only smell bad but also have many different negative affects on the environment.

They can travel far distances, flow with the rainwater into nearby waters or seep through the soil into the ground. Insecticides are generally the most harmful and toxic pesticide to the environment.

We are all familiar with the occasional ant invasion. We know what it is like to come into the kitchen early in the morning to find hordes of ants have taken over and set up shop in your bread basket, or are forming a queue into the accidently left open cupboard door.

Here are some great tips on how to avoid or eradicate the ant invasion without using insecticides:

LEMONS: The acid in the lemon wrecks the ants’ sense of tracking. Spray lemon juice around the openings to the house (doors, windowsills and cracks in the walls). This won’t work to kill ants already in the kitchen, but will prevent them from getting in.

CHALK:This is another way to stop ants from getting into your house. Draw chalk outlines around the openings to the house, for example, around the windowsill. Ants won’t cross a chalk line; they are repelled by the calcium carbonate in the chalk.
CORNMEAL: Cornmeal disrupts the way ants digest, eventually killing them. Sprinkle cornmeal around the perimeters of your home. Also try locate the ants nest and sprinkle it there too.

VINEGAR: Try mopping your floors and cleaning your kitchen with a vinegar and water solution. Also try finding the anthills and spray equal parts vinegar and water there or into the cracks around your house. Ants hate the smell of vinegar and will eventually move on to better smelling places.

CINNAMON: Try figure out where the ants are getting in and pour a line of cinnamon there, or sprinkle it around your garden. You could even try cinnamon essential oils. It will make your house smell nice as well as prevent ants from entering it!

Try these ways to stop ants from coming into your house. All these homemade remedies are easy to come by and are sure ways to deter the ant’s path of invasion!


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