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Know your Foodbowl

896bc800-ac22-48d4-b191-021713f16678How important are Melbourne’s city-fringe farms? Very.

One of the best things about Melbourne is its food, but as the city grows, it is gobbling up our best farmland and replacing it with houses. Without us even realizing it, Melbourne is losing its source of fresh, local food.

The Know Your Foodbowl project has launched its findings, and now we’re getting the word out about how important this area is. Around 40-50% of the vegetables produced in Victoria grow on Melbourne’s fringe in areas like Casey-Cardinia, Werribee South and the Mornington Peninsula. Melbourne’s fringe also produces a large proportion of some types of fruits too – 99% of Victoria’s strawberries grow on Melbourne’s fringe.

These areas are vital to the supply of certain types of fruit and vegetables, like Werribee South, which produces 85% of Victoria’s cauliflower and Koo Wee Rup, which produces over 90% of Australia’s asparagus.

These areas are under threat from continued city sprawl. The Know Your Foodbowl project aims to raise awareness of the importance of Melbourne’s Foodbowl to Victoria’s food supply and our economy.


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