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Urban Ag funding axed from Yarra’s DRAFT budget: and how to change this!

Urban Ag funding axed from Yarra’s DRAFT budget:
and how to change this!

Hello foodgardening fans
see Leader article in link at end 😦
………then read what we can do about it 🙂

Disturbing news: if this bad idea makes it into Councils final budget this month, our neighbourhoods will lose valuable gains made in increased community interaction, physical activity, health and harmony through shared food-growing, especially in street planter boxes. These have helped make nutritious fresh food accessible in a time of increasing food insecurity and rising prices: an important social justice issue. And local food-growing reduces food-miles, over consumption and even landfill when food waste is composted and used to enrich local soils so they’re better able to retain moisture. What’s not to love!

Without the diligent work of councils part-time Urban Agriculture Facilitator in supporting residents, navigating the differing and complex issues of councils varying sections, this becomes way more difficult.

Councillors need to know what we think: we have until May 23 to
*comment on draft budget (open now for resident feedback via
*call your ward councillors ( contact details on council website) to ask if they will vote to restore Urban Ag Facilitator funding. Tell them your opinion.
*organise a PETITION TO COUNCIL from your food-gardening friends, neighbours, local networks
*Come to Councils budget info night 5.30-6-30pm TUESDAY 20th MAY @ Richmond Town Hall
to raise your concerns/ give your feedback / present petitions
*MOST IMPORTANTLY: please tell your neighbours, friends, families, local networks and circulate it via social media so we have a chance to have our say!

Thanks for helping out
Glenda Lindsay


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