Dear team Transition Yarra,

We’re a powerful, new campaign bringing together communities across Melbourne that are opposed to the East-West Link.

The communities working with Public Transport Not Traffic range in size and focus. However, all of these communities are opposed to the East-West Link because they know that another inner city toll road will add to our traffic crisis rather than improve our quality of life and economy by enabling efficient mobility.

Our goal is to stop this expensive project – a tunnel and toll road that could cost Victorian taxpayers up to $14 billion – and demand our money be invested in public transport infrastructure. If you support us, we’d love to have you and your community join us onboard the campaign train.

The campaign will run a range of activities throughout the year from local stalls to state wide actions focused on lobbying politicians and gaining broad media attention. We will be inviting all of our supporters to take part and work collaboratively on local initiatives. We want to enable our supporter groups by providing access to community campaign training, materials and networking opportunities.

The Public Transport Not Traffic website is a great place to learn more about our campaign activities and supporters:

Our campaign is financially supported by the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) and auspiced by Friends of the Earth (FOE). We have two part-time campaigners, Cait Jones and Danae Bosler, who work alongside an amazing team of volunteers from community groups across Melbourne.

We would love to add your group to our growing list of supporters. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 0421 571 849 or via email .

Warm regards,

Shaun Knott

P.s. I’ve attached a petition if your group would like to sign for better Public Transport not traffic.

Public Transport Not Traffic
More public transport to fix Melbourne’s traffic mess



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