Open Labor meetings in 2014: first one on Wednesday week

Open Labor will hold monthly public meetings in 2014. Our first is Wednesday 12th February, 6.30pm, at the North Fitzroy Star hotel: Please come if you can, and feel free to bring a friend or colleague, but so that we know numbers, please tell us you’re coming via

North Fitzroy Star is a great pub, with good food if you’re hungry. After this meeting we will change venues and hold meetings in different places around the city and, in time, beyond.

Next week’s meeting will discuss our agenda for 2014 and outline ways you can propose ideas and become involved.

Melissa Horne from Open Labor’s Operating Group will outline an approach to political campaigning, based in part on her experience lobbying to get a new high school built in the western suburbs. Melissa’s template for campaign capsules is available here.

We will alternate regular meetings (like the one next week) with special events on policy, challenges facing the ALP and ideas for a fairer, better Australia. More detail on these events shortly. For those who live too far away or cannot make it, once we have built our website we will make sure that all our meetings are reported online, and that people have opportunities to have their say.

We also encourage you to attend this separate event on the future of the ALP in Maribyrnong on Wednesday 19th February. MPs Andrew Leigh and Tim Watts, and academic Nick Dyrenfurth, should put on a lively debate.

Open Labor structure

An Operating Group has been formed to co-ordinate Open Labor activities, maintain an overview of what is happening across our network, and ensure that all our projects and activities are in line with Open Labor’s core goals. Positions in the operating group will rotate over time.

Members of the initial Operating Group are Josh Bornstein, Peta Murphy, Tom Bentley, Melissa Horne, Rod Glover, Cassie McGannon and James Button. We are all contactable at

Two sub-groups – Policy and Reform, and Community Building – will co-ordinate work in these areas and liaise with the Operating Group. These groups will be formed and announced shortly.

In 2014 Open Labor will work on policy and ideas, ALP reform and building our movement. Supporters are invited to work on specific projects in any or all of these areas. We want to create a loose structure that invites and enables people to devise and carry out their own ideas in these areas, drawing on other members of the network.

Your say: please fill in our survey

We have already learnt from the ideas you gave us when you signed our public statement, and in the suggestions you provided to our submission to the McKenzie Review of the Victorian ALP.

In 2014 we are focussing on three themes: developing ideas for the future, changing the way the Labor Party works and furthering an open, honest conversation about politics in Australia. We want Open Labor to become a platform for local and community action, as well as for sharing ideas, campaigning and working together nationally.

ALP reform in Victoria

A big thank you to the many people from our mailing list who provided ideas for Open Labor’s submission to the McKenzie Review into the Victorian ALP. Your ideas were incorporated into the submission, which will inform further debate within Open Labor and, we hope, the wider ALP.

Impatience at the undemocratic state of the party is rising, and momentum is gathering to produce a list of reform delegates to State Conference in May. A set of broadly aligned groups — including Local Labor, the Independents faction and small i independents — are meeting to ensure a strong pro-democracy presence at the conference.

Open Labor encourages supporters who are ALP members to put up their hands to be delegates. State Conference matters, and attending it is also a good way to learn about the ALP!

That’s it for now. Please keep encouraging your friends and colleagues to sign our statement and get onto our mailing list. Here’s to a big year ahead for Open Labor, and see as many of you as possible on Wednesday 12th.



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