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Climate Change Roadmap: Chris Allen

Hey Transition Yarra!

My name’s Chris, I work for AYCC Victoria.

AYCC Vic is working on our latest campaign which I think you might find interesting: to move Australia away from harmful coal and gas practices and towards a safer climatefuture – its called the Safe Climate Roadmap campaign: a vision of 100% renewables in 10 years, to rapidly reduce our carbon pollution in line with the latest science and to commit to move beyond coal and gas.

~~We have just started a website and are looking for a diverse range of stories from Victorians who have felt the affects of CC, signed onto the Roadmap or have something else to share on the issue.~~

If you would like to add your story (you can see mine, Chris Allan from Brunswick) that would be so rad, its good publicity for your page as well: Even more rad would be if you shared the link on your page for others!

Cheers and here’s to a good year of community action on climate in Yarra. Chris

Climate Change Roadmap – home


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