Typhoon Hiayan: Open Letter to Naderev from Rob Hopkins

“I want you to know that around the world, communities are creating community energy companies, we are draught-proofing houses, inviting our neighbours to come together and support each other in reducing their carbon emissions, to invest in community-owned renewables. We are rethinking our local food systems, starting new farms, better working with existing ones, ensuring that local food goes further byutilising food that might other be wasted. We are becoming developers in order to model what truly regenerative, people-driven, carbon-positive development looks like.

We are showing that new local and regional currencies which support lower-carbon, more local trading habit work at scale. We are showing the economic case for how more local and resilient economies can be more economically vibrant than the current approach. We are showing that lower carbon economies can be more fun, more connected, more resourceful. So much is happening on the ground it is hard to keep up with. It’s the kind of stuff that doesn’t often capture the headlines in the way that more adversarial campaigns do but it matters just as much.”



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