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Build your skills to advocate for Trains Not Tolls Roads: 20 July


Build your skills to advocate for Trains Not Toll Roads!

Come along to this fun and engaging training – including:

  • Tips for effective conversations with friends, family and members of the public to engage them in the campaign
  • Key talking points in favour of Doncaster rail and against the East West toll road
  • How to get involved in campaign information stands, petition drives and other campaign actions.

Session Times & Registration

Upcoming Sessions

  • Saturday 20th July at Fitzroy Town Hall (in the Reading Room) from 1pm to 4pm.
  • Saturday 27th July at Fitzroy Town Hall (in the Reading Room) from 12noon to 3pm.
  • Tuesday 30th July at Richmond Town Hall, (meeting room 2), 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Register by email

Trainer Profiles

The training is being run by Holly Hammond and Danae Bosler from Plan to Win.

Plan to Win assists individuals, groups and campaigns to develop the skills and clarity required to win change in the world. Plan to Win offers facilitation, training and mentoring and convenes the Melbourne Campaigners’ Network.

Holly Hammond is Plan to Win’s founder, director and principal facilitator. Holly brings over twenty years of experience in social movements to her work as an educator, facilitator and mentor. She has provided training and facilitation services to a broad range of Australian campaigning organisations, from small grassroots groups to large NGOs since 2005. A list of recent clients is available at

Holly has completed extensive professional development including the internationally renowned ‘Super T’ training of trainers by Training for Change (Toronto, 2006), SmartMeme’s Advanced Story-based Strategy Practitioner’s Training (California, 2011), and the ACTU’s Organising Foundations training.

Danae Bosler has worked as an organiser and educator in the union movement and is a regional organiser for the ’100% Renewable’ community campaign. She has delivered training on campaign conversations, recruiting, door knocking and street stalling to numerous community groups including Environment Victoria, 100% Renewable and Union Climate Connectors.

Danae has received training on communication skills twice from Vice President Al Gore as part of his global ‘Climate Project’ and she has completed the ACTU ‘Train the Trainer’ amongst other courses. She has a Bachelor of Arts, postgraduate diploma in International Community Development and is currently finishing her Masters in Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing at Melbourne University.


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