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Robert Pekin: help create the new food system!

Notes from a rousing speech by Robert Pekin.

Rober Pekin, Founder Food Connect, former dairy farmer, Co Founder Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance – Fair food for all Australians, looking out for the Australian Peoples’ Food plan not the corporation food plan.

Join the New Food System! Support local growers or organically grown. Know the farmer. Ask questions. Solutions are everywhere.

People power as opposed to corporation power.

There’s a hell of a lot more of us than in corporations. We, like Nature are abundant. A mechanical system is not abundant. We want hundreds and thousands of farmers! We are losing 76 farmers a week here in Australia. 3 commit suicide a week. We are losing 400 hectares of good land per hour. 8 soccer fields a minute. Because they are being forced out by mining companies and urban developers. We are part of this system. This is our last rally call.

Build a brand new system. Farmers need your support.
There are exciting ways to get involved in the new system.

We need many more enterprises creating infrastructure that used to exist 50 years ago. More social enterprises helping farmers to market, distribute, financial ways of supplying money for local portable abattoirs, micro processing plant for local corn flakes, local oats, local porridge.

People Power is going to roll this new system out.

Be your own boss help create the new creative food system, new creative water, new creative financial system, new creative living system.

The video was here, but may have been taken down!

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