Happy Birthday House Heritage Campaign: Tom Keel FRA

Dear Fitzresidents,Please see here the Balloon updated below for the coming weekend’s activities.This list will show you where the balloons will be for the innaugural HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUSE heritage campaign.

Parliament place. (CBD) _ie: The National Trust’s office.

Balloon 1: Happy 135th Birthday Tasma Terrace.
Balloon 2: Built in 1870’s and 1880’s, once comprising seven three storey buildings. A rare example of a three story terrace.
Balloon 3: The first three buildings were erected in 1878-78 by William Ireland for George Nipper, grain merchant and ship-owner.
Balloon 4. Four buildings were constructed in 1886-87 by ‘Dunton and Hearnden’ for Joseph Thompson, bookmaker.
Balloon 5: Tasma terrace’s architect was Charles Webb. His other works include Wesley College (1864),Royal Arcade (1869) and the Windsor (1884).
Balloon 6: Tasma Terrace, the subject of a major preservation battle (1970-72) resulting in Australia’s first legislation for the preservation of government owned historic buildings.
Balloon 7: Tasma terrace characterises the boom period of Victoria’s history in the late 1870s and 1880s.
Balloon 8: P.M. Harold holt lived there in 1934.

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

No’ 11. : Happy 153rd Birthday. Victorian. World heritage environs area.
No’ 13. : Happy 113th Birthday. Federation-Edwardian style. World heritage environs area.
No’ 15. : Happy 113th Birthday. Federation-Edwardian style. World heritage environs area.
No’ 40. : Happy 153rd Birthday House !
No’s 64-66 : Balloon 1 : Happy 159th Birthday Glass terrace!
Balloon 2: Named after Hugh Glass, pastoralist.
Balloon 3: ‘Lost’ ,lost by the resident Andrew Levy in 1878, a gold ring and egg shaped pearl. Has any-one seen them?

Nicholson Street, Fitzroy.
Starting with: The Royal Exhibition Building,and then see all the Fitzroy properties below.

The Royal Exhibition Building,
Balloon 1: The Australian flag first flew on this site.
Balloon 2: The first sitting of Australian parliament was here, in 1901.
Balloon 3: The Royal Exhibition Building is the only surviving ‘Great Hall’ that once housed a 19th-century international exhibition and is still in use.
Balloon 4: Joseph Reed, of the firm Reed and Barnes, was the architect.
Balloon 5: Reed’s was a grand design, influenced by Rundbogenstil, a round-arched architectural style combining elements from Byzantine, Romanesque, Lombardic and Italian Renaissance buildings.
Balloon 6: The dome’s design was influenced by Brunelleschi’s 15th-century cathedral in Florence.
Balloon 7: When it was built, the Great Hall was the largest building in Australia, and the highest building in Melbourne.
Balloon 8: The REB is brick, set on a bluestone base, and has long central naves and stunted transepts.
Balloon 9: The building is set in ceremonial gardens, which were designed by Reed and William Sangster.
Balloon 10: There was a viewing platform around the dome that allowed visitors to survey the progress of the booming city, and it will be re-opened again soon.
No’ 36 : Balloon 1. Happy 163rd Birthday Salisbury terrace.
Balloon 2. Owned by George Newsome. A horse & buggy was stolen from here on 29th april 1889.
No’ 38 : Balloon 1. Happy 143 rd birthday Balcony house. Sold for 5’100 pounds on 13/2 1956.
N’40/42. Balloon 1. Happy 163 rd birthday Osborne house.
Balloon 2. Osborne House was built in 1850-51, a two-storey Regency house.
Balloon 3: Osborne was built for pioneer pastoralist. John MacPherson.
Balloon 4: John MacPherson (1798-1875) named the house after his wife, calling it Helena House.
Balloon 5: Designed by architect Charles Laing and constructed by the builder William Pelling.
Balloon 6: MacPherson’s son John Alexander MacPherson (1833-94) lived here as Premier of Victoria in 1869-70.
Balloon 7: In 1887 it was sold to George Nipper, who also purchased numbers 38, 42 and 44 Nicholson St.
Balloon 9: Nipper was a local entrepreneur, who was also responsible for the building of the Windsor Hotel.
Balloon 10 : In 1887-8 Nipper made substantial additions to 38-44 resulting in a boarding house of 88 rooms.
Balloon 11 : 1888 was Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Year, so it was named “Osborne House”, after the Queen’s family home.
Balloon 12 : He named the southern wing Salisbury House, after the UK’s then Prime Minister.
No’ 48: Balloon 1. Happy 127th Birthday Nicholson Street Cable Tram Engine House.
Balloon 2. This building was later called the M.M.T.B. Tramways Building.
Balloon 3. Built in 1886, this building, was designed by Alexander Davidson, and built by Martin and Peacock at a cost of 11,137 Pounds.
Balloon 4. This building was the third, and one of the biggest, of twelve engine houses on the cable system.
Balloon 5. This cable house drove three cables. It was the last operating engine house in Melbourne, closed 26 October, 1940.
No’ 60: Royal Terrace : Happy 159th birthday. The oldest Terrace in Fitzroy. Architect is John Gill.
No’ 62: Royal Terrace : Built by John Moon Bryant to escape the busy life of the city and move to “the woods” of Fitzroy.
No’ 64: Royal Terrace : The Bluestone in Royal Terrace came from a Brunswick quarry.
No’ 66: Royal Terrace : Happy birthday Royal terrace. Miss Bryant lived here for 93 years.
Tom Roberts the painter lived here.
No’ 68: Royal Terrace : Built in the Georgian Period, Royal Terrace is in the colonial Georgian-regency style.

N’70-74: Happy 163rd Birthday Staffa house.
No’ 76: Happy 153 rd Birthday house.
No’ 78: Happy 153 rd Birthday house.
No’ 80: Happy 153 rd Birthday house.
No’ 82: Balloon 1. Happy 163 rd Birthday Grantown house.
Balloon 2. Constructed prior to 1858 as a two storey residence.
Balloon 3. Leased from 1871-1877 to Mrs. Phillipa James, a schoolmistress for use as a ladies college.
Balloon 4: In 1880 the house passed to Mrs. Ross and has been used as a boarding/rooming house ever since.
No’ 84: Happy 125th birthday house. Built 1888 for George Swanston and rented by Henry Latham for use as a boarding house.
No’ 86: Happy 125th birthday house.
No’ 88: Balloon 1. Happy 163 rd birthday school house.
Balloon 2. The first two buildings to occupy this site were regency houses erected in 1850.
Balloon 3. Designed by architects Newson and Blackburn for John Watson and Edward Wight, merchants.
Balloon 4. In 1853 the northern house, was purchased by Dr James Goold, the first Roman Catholic Bishop of Melbourne, for use as his residence.
Balloon 5. In 1857, Dr Goold invited Mother Ursula Frayne of the Sisters of Mercy to establish a convent and school in Melbourne.
No’ 98: Balloon 1. Happy 77th birthday Cairo flats and Cairo dining room.
Balloon 2. Built in 1936 and designed by the architect Acheson Best Overend, is a two-storey, U-shaped building.
See file attached: to be made into laminated sheets: Additional balloons and data to be provided by residents.
No’ 106: Happy 148th birthday Belarabon : Built for Mr Cunningham.
No’ 108: Balloon 1. Happy 148th birthday Waratah. Built for Peter Cunningham.
Balloon 2. Was originally number 94 Nicholson. Was once home to cartoonist Les Tanner.
No’ 110: Happy 150 th birthday house. Constructed in 1863 for John Holton.
No’ 112: Happy 150 th birthday John Holton’s house.
No’ 116-118 : Happy 124th birthday Dr Hewlett’s house & surgery.
No’ 120 : Happy 125th birthday house. Built for George Chambers
No’ 122 : Happy 151’st Birthday Denny House.
No’ 124 : Balloon 1. Happy 87th birthday St Andrews hotel.
Balloon 2. A well-preserved Greek Revival style two storey clinker brick & render hotel.
No’ 132 : Happy Birthday Mary Glowry House. (Still researching.)
Dr Sister Mary Glowrey has been declared a servant of god. (In the footsteps of another Fitzroy resident, Mary McKillop.)
Mary Glowrey was a gifted doctor od Saint Vincent’s hospital.
She was the founding President of the Catholic Womens League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga.
She graduated from University of Melbourne in 1910 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
No’ 140: 1856 – happy 157th
No’ 150-160 : Balloon 1. Happy 125th birthday Catherine Terrace.
Balloon 2. On Monday May 30, 1898, a dynamite-bomb branded “Anarchy” was thrown through the front window here.

No’25. Balloon 1. Happy 128th Birthday House.
Balloon 2. This House was built for Mr John G Hawkins, a coach Painter.
Balloon 3.. Mrs Hawkins was a professor of music.

No’ 289 : Balloon 1. Happy 163rd birthday House,
Balloon 2. Happy Birthday Hotel (Fortune of War)
Balloon 3. Happy Birthday Hat factory.

Happy 158th Birthday Fitzroy Primary School.

No’77. Balloon 1. Happy 128th Birthday ‘Fitzroy House.’ Peter Woods.
Balloon 2. (Printed on a laminated sheet). The first building on this site appears on records on 30 November 1854, a ‘4 room wooden house with a garden in the front yard, stables and wooden conveniences’. In 1885, Patrick Donohoe a ‘Gentleman’ completed the first 3 of the current 6 brick terrace houses (numbers 75, 77 and 79), and lived in number 75. Charles Petty was the first resident in number 77 for one year only, and James Rosman, a tailor with a shop on Brunswick Street was the second. Since that time there have been 17 owners and 18 residents in this house with occupations such as sergeant of police, groom, music teacher, draper, bread carter, chef, machinist and engineer. The remaining 3 terrace houses (numbers 69, 71 and 73) were completed in 1890.

Balloon 1. Happy Birthday Town Hall
Balloon 2. Still researching.
Balloon 3. Ditto.
Balloon 4. Ditto.

No’ 4: built in 1851 , Happy 162nd Birthday ‘one up, one down’- ers.
No’ 6: built in 1851 , Happy 162nd Birthday ‘one up, one down’- ers.
No’ 8: built in 1851 , Happy 162nd Birthday ‘one up, one down’- ers.
No’ 36 : Happy 159th Birthday Aalborg House !
No’163: Happy 136th Birthday Frances.
No’192: Happy 157th Birthday Mr Bluestone !

No’ 105. Happy 149th Birthday House.
Below info to be on a laminted page.
Happy 149th Birthday Mythian Terrace. Mythian Terrace [ originally known as 155 Kerr St Fitzroy] Now known as No’s 101-103-105 was built in 1864 for Edward Martyn Delbridge and Mary [Pierce] . Edward Mayor, was a builder and owner and he lived in one of the houses in 1866. The house has had 3 – 4 owners in its history. The house originally housed the carriage and had a passage down the side so that the horses could rest and eat.

Howe Street, Fitzroy North.
No’s 2,4,6: Balloon 1. Happy 123rd Birthday.
Balloon 2. Built in 1890 by Jeremiah Ryan.
Balloon 3. Happy birthday house, ( along with laminated note: as below)
Jeremiah Ryan a farmer from Bacchus Marsh, who sold his farm in 1882 and invested the proceeds in property development in North Fitzroy.
He had earlier bought the terrace at 4-8 Michael Street built in 1883 by George Lowe , a butcher whose shop was in Queen’s Parade.
This terrace had a large area of vacant land behind it, which Jeremiah utilised to build the Howe Street terrace.
Most of the tenants worked in the boot factories in Collingwood or the tramways which had a nearby depot.
Jeremiah Ryan owned so many houses and shops in the neighbourhood he was known as the ‘ king of Clifton Hill’.
He died in 1894 and all his property was inherited by his son Timothy Bernard Ryan, a doctor who practised at 3 Michael Street, who sold them in 1906.
They then passed through several hands until in 1953 they were separated into individual titles and each house sold separately.
(Information researched and provided by Tim Gatehouse, member of the Fitzroy History Society).
Willowbank Bank Road, (near Alister St and Mart Streets.)
No’7: Happy 87th Birthday Ullamulla. Part of the Willowbank Estate subdivided in 1910.
No’8: Happy 105th Birthday
No’11: Happy 89th Birthday to the “Batchelor’s”

May Street.
No’ 35: Happy 105th Birthday 35 May Street.
Balloon 1: Built as a wedding gift from Theodotus Sumner, owner of ‘Stony Park Mansion’.
Balloon 2: Theodotus built this house for his daughter May Sumner as a wedding gift. (un-confirmed.)

King William St.
‘Katamatite Terrace’
No’66, Balloon 1, Happy 122nd birthday ‘Katamatite Terrace’
No’68, Balloon 2, Happy 156th birthday ‘Katamatite Terrace’
No’70, Balloon 3, Happy 153rd birthday ‘Katamatite Terrace’
No’72, Balloon 4, Happy birthday ‘Katamatite Terrace’
No’74, Balloon 5, Happy birthday ‘Katamatite Terrace’
Balloon 6, Katamatite Terrace came from the town of that name in Northern Victoria.
Balloon 7, Katamatite derives from the aboriginal word CATAMATIET or CATAMATEET that relates to a creek or flowing water.
Balloon 8, This Terrace is unusual as the houses were built to different plans at different times with the pediment joining them together some time
at the end of the 19th century.
Balloon 9. The original owner of Katamatite was Mr. Samuel Foy, a grocer of Elwood
Balloon 10. No’s 72 and 74 were converted perhaps in the 1890’s from an existing much earlier building.
Balloon 11. Evidence of a carriageway, whose archway can still be seen on the front wall of #72, is apparent in a map dated 1887.


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