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YCAT: 30 March

Community Action Forum

Date: Saturday, 30 March 2013
Time: 11am – 2pm
Location: Collingwood Library Meeting Room
Adjacent to Collingwood Station & Collingwood Town Hall, Car Park
Light lunch provided

To Register:
Email: To join the mailing list and to arrange to collect posters, signs and bumper stickers email

Remember the solution to congestion, pollution and over-development is sustainable public transport. It is CLEANER, FASTER, SAFER and above all else it will be much CHEAPER.

The City of Yarra has established and funded a Public Transport Advocacy Community Steering Committee (PTACC) comprised of representatives from community groups, organisations and individuals. This group actively supports the Trains not Toll Roads Campaign, Doncaster Rail and opposes the proposed East West Road Link. 

The PTACC is holding a “Trains not Toll Roads Community Action Forum” in late March. This is being coordinated by Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport (YCAT) on behalf of the committee.

This forum will be an opportunity for residents and community groups to learn about the campaign and what they can do to support it. It will include the opportunity to develop “community action strategies” and identify the resources and materials the campaign needs to provide to enable community groups, organisations and individuals to take effective action and advocacy. 

This will be the first of several planned community advocacy training forums.


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