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Yarra Community Solar: Can you help?

Great things are happening here at Yarra Community Solar (YCS for short)!

* We’re already in consultation with a bunch of potential rooftop hosts.

* We’re developing a comprehensive business case so that we can better sell our ideas.

* And we’re in the process of nutting out how best to spend our cool $15,000 dollar grant.

In fact things are so busy that we could do with your help!

Are you able to put aside some time to volunteer with us at YCS?

If yes that’s FANTASTIC. Just answer the two simple questions below and we’ll get right back to you…

Q.1 What sort of volunteer do you see yourself as?

a. core member (4-8 hours per week)

b. regular helper (1-3 hours per week)

c. big events crew (1-2 hours every month)


Q.2 What areas do you think you could help with?

To get an idea of some specific tasks we need help with right now check out the list below.


If you’ve got any questions that you’re itching to have answered don’t hesitate to email us at communitysolar@ycan.org.au or call Berish on 0402469053.


Oh and just in case you’ve forgotten who we are, or just simply want to know more about us, look up some basic details here (our very own YCS website is under development): http://ycan.org.au/local-action/yarra-community-solar/


All the best,

From your local community solar project volunteer team.


PS. Heads up – we are going to be running a special event in Clifton Hill to check out a functional medium-scale solar project run by the City of Yarra… Don’t worry we’ll send you an invite.


These are some of the things our volunteers are currently doing or want to be doing.

Let us know if you can help with anything…

Creating content for the website – photos of our events, relevant news links, links to similar schemes etc.

Investigate pozible – how it works how can we use it?

Approaching energy retailers – possible partnership? – what can we offer them? how can they help us?

Creating a project plan to meet our grant funding commitments

Social media person – give us an online presence – link into our webpage/events etc.

Become a public presenter or public rooftop host presenter

Data entry – enter new sign-ups to our database – prospective community investors and volunteers

Back end systems and processes for YCS

Begin establishing Shareholder prospectus – what will this look like? How to sell shares etc.

Assisting with technical assessments of sites

Learn/develop/improve the economic model for the project

Look into planning legislation surrounding 100kW installs in Yarra

Join the working group to find rooftop hosts

Update rooftop host list with latest info and opportunities etc.

Offers or help with soliciting pro bono or discounted legal advice on elements of our business case

Write media releases

Posters / graphic design

Help with putting together the business case

Get active on research tasks – we need a wide range of info!

Come along to meetings and get active! Facilitate/bring food

Co-ordinate other volunteers – lots of this to do!



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