Hi Folks,

I’m in Melbourne next week (Monday 4th – Friday 8th). I’m putting on a range of workshops and talks that may be of interest, as well as offering free consultancy for not-for-profits on the Tuesday. Here’s my schedule, in case there’s an opportunity for our paths to cross. Any help with promoting the events below (given the short notice) would be greatly appreciated. If a discount to any of the events would help, just drop me a line.

Monday:  Workshop: Using an asset-based approach in order to flourish (6-8pm, Trades Hall)

Tuesday: All Day: Free consultancies at Hub Melbourne on Tuesday for any not-for-profit ideas, projects or organisations focussed on Australian outcomes (more at: www.siconsulting.org.au). To book an hour, contact jan@janstewart.com.au.

Presentation: Creating radical change on the smell of an oily rag (6-7:30pm, Elephant & Wheelbarrow Pub)

: Presentation: Business in a world beyond economic growth (6-8pm, Trades Hall)

Thursday: I’m off to see Stardust Circus in Bayswater (my Mum’s been working with them for the past few weeks!)


Donnie Maclurcan
Twitter: @donmacca
Skype: donniemaclurcan
0404 363 785


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