Dear City of Yarra Mayor Jackie Fristacky, Yarra councillors &CEO Vijaya Vaidyanath

RE Draft Budget/Council 4year Plan/ Environment & Climate Adaptation Strategy, MPHP:

IF YOU EAT, THIS AFFECTS YOU     Food (how/where it’s grown, transported, packaged, stored, distributed, prepared, composted -or not ) makes up 40% of human carbon footprint. .As Yarra’s population (& rates base) increases, all established community gardens have long waiting lists. 9% of Yarra residents are food insecure. Fossil-fuel-accelerated climate change demands much more local foodgrowing

Locally & globally lauded work by Yarra’s diligent 2.5day-a-week Urban Agriculture Facilitator supporting residents to install & steward over 30 (so far!) council-compliant water-efficient neighbour-initiated publicly accessible street planterbox foodgardens is just one facet of ground-breaking networks and potential Urban Ag projects to further Yarra’s reputation as a leader in progressive, engaging strategies to ensure local resilience.

We, the undersigned Yarra residents, urge you to further build local climate resilience, citizen engagement, food security & reduced carbon footprint by embedding permanent funding of councils Urban Agriculture Facilitator position in all current and future strategies and budgets. 

NAME                          STREET ADDRESS                                                SIGNATURE



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