Th sun came out once again for another lovely day attracting 40 people to the  Fitzroy Urban Harvest and Homegrown Edibles Swap , and TY meeting.

About 14 people gathered around to listen to Glenda Lindsay describe the Fab Feb Foodgardens Tour to take place on 24 Feb. It’s important to support our much appreciated Urban Agriculture Facilitator Peter Huff into a second contract through the City of Yarra and show off our community gardens. It will be integrated into our CommunityFinder map.

Ange spoke about writing a submission to Yarra Council’s Environment Strategy. Since 61% of landfill is food there was an  interesting debate about special bins or composting as the best action to take. Please let us know your thoughts.

I (Karen) spoke about the importance of local content and making short movies to capture the positive actions taking place. Also the need to aggregate and disseminate the information as quickly as possible through the online channels. A couple of creative projects were born from the discussions and we’ll announce them soon. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved.

Welcome to Susan and thanks for your offer of online help.


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