We have our last Transition Companion reading group meeting coming up! Wednesday 5 December, 7pm – Carlton Library.

We will meet at the library as usual – probably downstairs in the nice light lounge area in the foyer, and then move on to a café later on if people want to have the discussion over dinner or coffee – or not, if not!

There are no questions! There is no homework! We’ll have a chat

 roughly as per the topics below – or others if people have burning discussion topics. Even if you haven’t read the book, or these particular chapters, you can still join the discussion!

The Transition Companion Reading Group
Session #6: pages 234-296: Building and Daring to Dream
We’ll choose a few of the topics below – whichever interest people most – and discuss their importance, and how they are relevant in Yarra, or for us personally.

· Energy Descent Action Plans (235-238)
· Social enterprise (239-243)
· Scaling up (244-245)
· Community renewable energy (246-251)
· Sharing, local economy and exchange (257-261)
· Appropriate technology (262-263)
· Learning networks (286-286)

Look forward to seeing you then, or at the swap and picnic on Saturday the 1st!


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