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Transition Yarra Reading Group: 3 Oct

Transition Yarra has a monthly reading group. Details of the questions and venue are below, scroll down. Please feel free to use these questions your own groups wherever you are, &/or join us at Carlton Library Wednesday 3 October 7pm-8:30pm

The Transition Companion Reading Group discussion questions.Session #4: pages 122 – 178
Summarise 5 elements you need to consider when working with volunteers.
What is the rationale for the ‘Great Reskilling’? Discuss examples of reskilling being undertaken in the UK. What reskilling is needed in Yarra?
Why are practical manifestations important? Discuss ideas for visibility in Yarra.
Discuss reasons Transition Town initiatives can lose momentum.
Suggest processes to adopt to ensure the group maintains connection with reality.Additional questions to think about as you read if you want:
1.’Transition Towers’ – having an office or not
1.Why does Palo Alto want to postpone having an office?
2.List 6 possible office spaces in your area.
4. How we communicate
1.Explain what Rob Hopkins learnt in Ireland in the late 1990s. pp 155-156
2.Listen to the talk by Barret Brown and take notes on 3 suggestions that appealed to you. Report on these. 1 page max.
Tools for Transition No. 8: Financing your Transition Initiative
1.Explain Joanne Poyourow’s approach. p 158
2.Summarise Fiona Ward’s funding application tips. P 160
5.Celebrating 1.Why is celebrating success important?
6.Celebrate failure 1.Why celebrate failure?
7.”How are we doing?” 2.What tip is suggested for evaluating meetings? p 166
8.Local food initiatives
1.Research local food initiatives in your area and report on them.
10.Ensuring land access

Details about next meeting
Wednesday 3 October 7pm-8:30pm
Carlton Library – 667 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton
*We will start at 7pm so if you arrive after 7, please press the buzzer that says “meet” and someone will come down for you.*

Good news for our non-Yarra residents is that you are free to join Yarra Libraries! That will make things much as easier as you can then borrow your own copy of the book.
There are still books currently available on the hold shelves for us at Yarra Libraries – you might want to call ahead to check there is one at your nearest branch. Please mention you are from the book group when you borrow your book.

Yarra Council – Local food initiatives
“Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. The four pillars of food security are availability, access, utilization and stabilit…

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